Nova Scotia Marathon/ Half Marathon and 10km

The Municipality of Barrington holds the annual Nova Scotia Marathon/Half Marathon and 10 Km.

2015 is the 45th Marathon and it is on July 26, 2015.


The marathon is a qualifier for the Boston Marathon.

Race Site

Municipality of Barrington, Nova Scotia, Canada. The municipality is located on the southwest tip of Nova Scotia and has a population of approximately 6994. Fishing and retail are industries in our municipality. We welcome you to the Lobster Capital of Canada.


Rural setting on a secondary road, some rolling hills, basically flat route.

Elevation Map (PDF): Marathon Elevation Map


Online at Nova Scotia Marathon 2013


Start time and location

8:00 am  for full marathon, half marathon, and the 10 km, Sherose Island Recreation Centre, 27 Park Lane, Sherose Island, Barrington Passage.


The full marathon was measured in 2007, using the Jones Counter Method. Certification #NS-2007-119-BDC.

The half marathon was measured in 2010. Certification #NS-2010-068-BDC.

The 10 k run is not a certified measured distance.

Aid Stations

Aid Stations are located approximately every 3 kilometers throughout the course. Water, Gatorade, cut up oranges, ice and first aid supplies are provided at each station.

Special drinks

Runners can place special drinks, gels, etc. in boxes for specific aid stations before the start of the race. These boxes will be delivered to the aid stations just before the race begins.


Registration for 2015 will open on January 1st at 8:00am


By mail or fax: 2015 REGISTRATION FORM

By phone: 902-637-2903

Please make cheques payable to: Barrington Municipal Recreation Department


Up until July 25th

Full or Half Marathon: $60

10 km: $35

On July 26th

Full or Half Marathon: $65

10 km: $40

All Run NS members receive a $5 discount.


Change rooms, washrooms, showers and a warm up area available in the Barrington Municipal Arena and the Barrington Recreation Centre.


Results will be published after the race to Run Nova Scotia, municipal and recreation department websites, local newspaper, and radio stations. Full marathon results will be forwarded to the Boston Marathon organizers.

Awards and Post Race Reception

The awards will be presented and a reception will be held at the Barrington Municipal Curling Club, Sherose Island, following the event. Fish chowder and seafood chowder will be served, with pies & ice cream for dessert. Family and friends are welcome to attend the post race reception.

Certificates will be available to those who request them at the post race reception. If you cannot attend the reception and wish to have a certificate mailed out to, you must notify us.

Trophies / plaques will be presented to the overall winners. Plaques / medals will be presented to the top three finishers in both male and female categories for the full marathon and the half marathon:

  • youth (18 – 19 yrs. for full marathon) (16 – 19 yrs. for half marathon)
  • open (20 – 39 yrs.)
  • masters (40 – 49 yrs.)
  • senior masters (50 – 59 yrs.)
  • golden masters (60 – 69 yrs.)
  • platinum masters ( over 70 yrs.).

Awards will be presented to the top three finishers in both male and female categories for the 10 km

  • youth (12 to 19 yrs.)
  • open (20 –39 yrs.)
  • masters (40 – 49 yrs.)
  • senior masters (50 – 59 yrs.)
  • golden masters (60 – 69 yrs.)
  • platinum (over 70 yrs.).


If you are not in attendance, your award(s) will be mailed to you.

 Accommodations and Food

For information on accommodations in the area please click here (it will open in a new window) or click Shelburne County Accommodations to open a PDF of Shelburne County Accommodations

Local Restaurants:

  • JB’s Restaurant
  • Paparoni Pizza and Donair
  • McDonald’s
  • Tim Horton’s
  • Ocean Treasures
  • Subway
  • Dan’s Ice Cream Shop
  • Pizza Delight
  • Captain Wayne’s Restaurant
  • The Lobster Shack

For more information on what there is to do while you are on the beautiful South Shore check out Shelburne County’s tourism website

Directions to the Event

Traveling from Yarmouth – follow the Highway no. 103 to Barrington, take exit 30, follow Oak Park Road to Highway no. 3. At the stop sign, turn right. Follow the road to the Sherose Island sign. Turn left for Sherose Island. Drive less than 1 k and turn left (uphill) at the Recreation Complex sign.

Traveling from Halifax – follow the Highway no. 103 to Barrington, take exit 29, follow Highway no. 3 to the Sherose Island sign. Turn left of Sherose Island. Drive less than 1 k and turn left (uphill) at the Recreation Complex sign.

Traveling Information

Bay Ferries – Princess of Acadia (from Saint John, New Brunswick to Digby, Nova Scotia)          1-877-762-7245.

Nova Star Cruises – Service between Yarmouth, NS and Portland, Maine

We are located about three hours from the Halifax Stanfield International Airport. There are car rental companies at the airport and there are some shuttle services available.

Transportation Services

Previous Years

2012 Results

2013 Results

2013 Pictures

2014 Results

2014 Top Three

2014 Pictures


67 thoughts on “Nova Scotia Marathon/ Half Marathon and 10km

  1. Hi! I’m looking for a marathon to do in Nova Scotia, on my “run a marathon in every Canadian province” quest, and this one looks fabulous! Do you provide all finishers with medals or some momento of the event? I’m not likely to place (average 4:35 time), but I’ll still need a “trophy” for my collection. =) Thanks.

    1. I am also doing the “run a marathon in every Canadian province” quest. I plan to cross of Nova Scotia with this marathon! Maybe we will cross paths! :)

  2. Hi. Is your marathon open to walkers? If so, what is your course time limit? I hope to walk it under 6 hours. Would it be possible to start 1 hour earlier and still get an official time? Thanks!

  3. This race is on my “bucket list.”
    Do you have any idea of the date for 2015?
    I did not know about this year’s race being in July in order to plan vacations…. however, July in Nova Scotia is a fabulous time for a marathon for me. :-) I’d like to plan around it for next summer.

  4. Looking at 2013 results, I saw no finishers for the youth for the marathon event. My daughter, age 15, is an experienced distance runner and wants to do this marathon, can she enter? She is not interested in the half.

      1. Do you have the temperature data in the last 5 years? It would be nice to know the actual figures at the start line and noon.

  5. There are (2) of us interested in the marathon this year 2014. We would fly into Halifax from Phoenix, AZ but not sure how to get to Barrington from the airport. We are not sure we want to rent a vehicle, would prefer a shuttle, if there is one. Any help would be great. Would love to stay about 4-5 days and check out the whale watching, hopefully we would see them in July.

    Thanks again.

  6. There are two (2) of us interested in your 2014 marathon. We would fly into Halifax from Columbus, GA but we are not sure how to get to Barrington from the airport. We are planning to fly in on Thursday and fly out on Monday and we would prefer not to rent a car, if possible. Do we need a car or is there a shuttle to the race AND do we need a car for some sightseeing? We qualify as “senior masters” age and are looking for good eating experiences, art galleries, walking on the beach and a quiet place to lay our heads down at night. Any information and insight would be greatly appreciated.

  7. Is there any public transit or reasonably priced shuttle services from Yarmouth to Barrington? I’m thinking of taking the NovaStar over.

  8. We are looking for transportation from Halifax to the marathon. Does anyone know what the cheapest option is?

  9. I need to clarify my previous question. Maybe at the local bar/club as an example Friday night with the runners that are already in Barrington.


  10. I am going to be in Nova Scotia for a wedding and stumbled upon this race. My flight doesnt get in until 10:30pm on the 26th. I am planning on staying in Liverpool that night and driving in the morning to do the marathon. Google maps says it should take me about 1h15 mins to get to Barrington. Is this accurate? or should I budget for more time?

    Any info is appreciated, I am happy to see I can squeeze a race in while I am there!

  11. We plan to pick up our bib package, etc., on Saturday and will be driving to the start the morning of the race. Do you have any advice as to the ease-difficulty of finding convenient vehicle parking for race participants? Thanks!

  12. I participated in the 10km run this morning and it was a really wonderful event. It was extremely well organized and the scenery was beautiful too. Everyone was so helpful and friendly .Thank you for a fun time. See you next year.


  13. Good day Samantha;
    I wish to thank you and your crew for a well put on marathon. Hats off to all of you. For anyone that needs a running challenge this fits the bill to the T. I will now soak my sore body and not think about “this is the last hill”. Thank you

    Regards (DWNHOMR)

  14. Thanks for a great race! Great organization, great volunteers, great chowder… beautiful scenery! I will definitely be back next year.

    1. It is relatively flat, our highest elevation is 19 meters. We are working on an elevation map but are having some glitches, hopefully we will have it fixed by Spring. Look forward to seeing you on Race Day!

  15. I noticed in an earlier post you mentioned finishers receive a medal. Just wanted to confirm, is this for all race distances? Also, will there be a preview of what the medals look like? Will it mention the 45th anniversary on the medals? Thanks in advance for your answer!

  16. Hi, I’m Brazilian, my family and I will be visiting my brother in law who live in Ottawa in July. I am interested in participating in your marathon. Could you tell me how can I get Barrington from Ottawa? Thanks in avance for your attention.

    1. Hello,

      You would need to fly to the airport in Halifax then rent a car and drive to Barrington – it’s about a three hour drive. Some people try to organize shuttles from the airport but it can be difficult. Renting a car is probably the easiest thing to do.

  17. My wife and I have a booking to stay on Cape Sable Island (Mama’s by the Sea) the night before the race and the night after, I was wondering what road closures are like on the day of the race? Will there be trouble driving up and across the bridge to get to the start and getting back after we have finished?

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