Recreation Centre

The Recreation Complex is located at 27 Park Lane on Sherose Island and consists of an arena, curling rink, recreation centre, regulation size ball field, tennis court, playground, picnic area, outdoor swimming pool, walking trail and the community garden.

There are two halls available to rent, the fees are as follows:

a) businesses that wish to use the facility for a meeting, may do so at the rate of $50 plus HST $7.50 = $57.50.

b) private instructors renting the facility to offer programs, including exercise classes, will be charged a rental fee of $75.00, plus HST per session, $11.25 = $86.25. Insurance coverage for such rentals shall be required including a Certificate of Insurance listing the Municipality of Barrington as ‘ Additional Insured’. The Certificate of Insurance shall be provided to the recreation director prior to the first class being held.

c) Those who wish to use the facility for fundraising events such as dances, etc., or private events, will pay a rental fee of $150.00, plus HST $22.50 = $172.50, for the day or evening.

d) Fundraising events sponsored by local non profit community groups, not including serving of alcohol, will be subject to a rental fee of $50.00 a day, plus HST $7.50 = $57.50.

e) Individuals who wish to use the facility for private hall rentals, ie. birthday parties, wedding or baby showers, etc., may do so at the rate of $25.00 plus HST $3.75 = $28.75.

For more information on renting the recreation centre, please call us at 637-2903 or request a booking.

Please note that this is a smoke free facility.